#1 Indianapolis Colts Draft Needs

Quarterback- Not really, but the way it looks the Colts are 110% drafting Andrew Luck on draft day. There has not been a player like Luck in the draft pool since….Peyton Manning. It’s only fitting that the Colts take the best prospect in years to fill his role. The unanswered question is if they try to resign Manning to play out a couple seasons and mentor Luck as Favre did for Rodgers in Green Bay or if they save some cap room and let him venture to another team. The most logical answer would be not resigning Peyton. It’s gonna be weird seeing Peyton Manning not rocking the blue and white next season.


Defensive Tackle- This past season the Colts ended second to last in rush defense. Although the exterior of their line contains two perrenial pro bowlers, the interior is quite abysmal. With both D Tackles only accumulating 44 tackles, they need to add some force with a nose tackle to their new 3-4 scheme. It is out of the question that they will take anyone other than Andrew Luck with the first overall selection, but an early second round choice will most likely be a DT. Possible Selections would be Jerel Worthy out of Michigan State, Brandon Thompson out of Clemson, and Dontari Poe out of Memphis. The most ideal choice would be Poe because he would fit a 3-4 scheme the best.



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